Thursday, June 17, 2004


Well Children you are just not going to beleive your little eyes when I tell you about last night. Well remember that bank heist that was going to take place, the one old Willy was telling me about, well he finally convinced me that it would be a blast to do and I decided to go along with it. So last night after I finished grading my class assigned drawings of your favorite animals (so many children just love giraffes) I headed down to the old shady run down tole booth on Sycamore street to meet up with Jimmy McBeans and Legs (there were going to redirect me to a more suitable area where I was to meet my new partners in crime), well I went and imagine my surprise when I entered the tolebooth and the lights popped on and everybody shouted surprise, I couldn't beleive it, they had thrown me a surprise birthday party. Now this is an especially big suprise despite my expectations of a bank robbery because my birthday wasn't even yesterday, in fact it's not until September. But, as Jeremy explained to me (Jeremy's my husband) I'll be gone climbing K2 for that month and they wouldn't be able to celebrate it. So they decided to do it then, you know, as a real surprise. Imagine my shock, why I was so suprised I took out a few of my birthday guests with my hand gun on accident (only the knee caps, it subdues them but allows you to get some answers), and aside from that the ambulance driver only visited the party one more time, and that was to wish me a happy birthday (Bill and I are very close, why if I had a nickle for everytime I dragged a bloody limb to his door in the middle of the night I could live a rich woman). We had chocolate cake, my favorite, opened gifts, chatted and played an adorable game of Russian roulette, it was a simply splendid party. I've never had a better birthday. And woulnd't you know it, old Miss Hickither down the street got me a brand new baby kitten, he's simply adorable, I don't know what to name him though. What do you think?

Now to answer the comments of my dear Seraphim, I am terribly sorry but I'm not familiar with the Mining mong you spoke of, but mind you not British, I was born in Lincoln Nebraska and only just moved to Britain two years ago, it's simply splendid here, and the snow is gorgeous (though we just get mostly rain). Medicine is amazing, it must be very difficult, but it sounds interesting. Is college fun? I never got a chance to go to college, you know, complicated reasons. As for Thomas (Teyler) yes I know him and yes we have hit a rough spot in our relationship, but I'm quite certain that with a little work we can get over it. Ta-ta for now.


Blogger Nenene said...

Ah Martha you really think you have the upper hand don't you? Well I invite, no I provoke you to do whatever it is that you think you need to do to get your rocks off. Don't let me and the truth stand in the way of your cock trip. Sally forth young lady, land on far off rocks and sleep with exotic women, I don't care, you were dead to me when I received the threatening letter from the terrorist, and you're dead to me now.

June 18, 2004 at 1:28 AM  
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